Our Believes and Values



La Mitra is a socially conscious brand that believes and desires to raise awareness about these three values-


1. Sustainability:

Waste no more - 80% of the materials we use are up-cycledWe are committed to making a difference in the fashion industry, by rethinking the brand concepts to protect the planet and support the community. We add values to materials that others see as waste and give them a fresh new life.

By up-cycling materials, we prevent wasting potentially useful materials by making use of existing ones. This reduces the consumption of new raw materials when creating new products; thus, reducing energy usage, air and water pollution, and even greenhouse gas emissions.



2. Community:

We work together with rural communities under a truthful cost structure. We create opportunities for artisans and indigenous women by hiring them to embrace their know-how. We let the artisans explore and understand the sustainability from created by their continuous quality work, which provide them a lasting income.



3. Craftsmanship:

Our vision is to prove to the world and the artisans themselves, that their know-how is an art worth preserving and passing on for generations. We appreciate high-quality craftsmanship, respect artisan’s way of life and their unique interpretation of time.