Our #lamitragirls Annie Sumpunkulapak talks about "Serendipity"

"A while ago I quit this instagram due to growing privacy concerns and the inability to distinguish between social media life vs real life. As numbers of surface followers/ following grew, my insecurities climbed along. I got into Instagram in 2012, when all it was for me was a place where I can post anything I want. It was a digital album book, mostly my art portfolio. Now it has turned into something else and I wasn't ready to accept its change after Facebook took over and added mental screeching features (like Stories). No longer a place of inspiration, a portfolio, nor a memory book, Instagram turned into a full scale business social media and I wasn't ok with my personal life being judge as valuable or popular product to society's eyes."

"I choose this photosets after -3 years of inactivity on this instagram because it represents how l've changed. Traveling around Thailand, I learned the crucial role of Indigenous people in protecting the forest's well being (and everywhere else in the world) during my employment at the UNDP and how unfairly they are treated by the government.. see details in highlight (will upload them to story, hold on!). I learned how they are looked down and discriminated by the rest of "majority" or aka Bangkokians. What "nsani DN" (karen) connotations implies in the Thai Language. It is a damn pity their wisdom, knowledge heritage and culture is not being celebrated and preserved. Whereas those knowledge to conserve green is as effective as any scientific method. These people have lived with the forest for 100+ years. Inevitably, capitalism seeped into the forest and interfered. "Income" becomes more necessary than before, and those who are oppressed by the system struggles to find a channel. Incorporating their culture onto the bag strap, @lamitra.co 's up-cycle bag not only empowers IP's heritage but also allows them to work in sustainable fashion industry. It's a privilege to be able to have awareness on what I'm consuming, so I dare say it's my responsibility to bring awareness on sustainable consumption."